2019 Goals in Review

To say this year did not go as anticipated is an understatement. When I made my 2019 goals, I had no idea my health would be in such a decline. I had been suffering with numbness and pain in my legs for about two weeks by then, but had every belief it would soon end. That there was a serious problem didn’t enter my mind yet. Additionally, I did not anticipate moving this year. I should know by now to always anticipate that. Hahaha… *cries*

So, MS and a cross-state move messed up a lot of my plans.

These were my goals: Kindle paperbacks, Book website, Audiobook, Figure out how to balance writer & younique & homeschool, Learn Amazon ads, Learn Facebook ads, New covers!, Consistent posts, Grow network, Grow Newsletter, be more consistent, Upgrade bookfunnel, Own author email account, Learn videos, Business cards (author and younique), Patreon, Fix When Love Blooms series

Let’s see what I actually accomplished.

Well, I learned to balance writer, Younique, and homeschool by cutting out homeschooling. πŸ™‚ I did pretty well with making Younique a priority in the fall and managing to write some, but my husband was sick for a few weeks and then I hit an anxiety/depression hump and had to pick one or the other. I went with writing. I’m looking forward to renewing my Younique plans for 2020.

I did update new covers. At least, I think that was this year. πŸ™‚ There are a few that I haven’t done yet.

I didn’t update my Kindle paperbacks, put out an audiobook, create a book website, learn Amazon or Facebook ads, upgrade bookfunnel, buy an author email account, learn to make videos, make businesscards, or set up Patreon.

I did grow my network and newsletter, although entirely organically. I think I *know* how to be more consistent now (batch work and scheduling posts). I have decided how to fix the When Love Blooms series…now I just need to make the time to do it.

I’ll be honest. I consider all of the above kind of the “side work” to being an author. That’s probably not a smart opinion. They’re all important to running a good business. But I’ve hobbled along fairly well with only this blog and not a nice, pretty book landing site. I don’t pass out business cards. Doing a paid ad is always a guessing game. Here I am, once again the student who is pulling Bs without studying and not putting in the effort to make an A.

The part of reviewing this year that makes me feel more uncomfortable is the lack of finished books and writing in general. I know it was important to take care of my health. For half the year, I just had to prioritize myself. Then, I slowly eased back into work and am still struggling to keep it up with real life conflicts. I don’t want to get my delicate balance out of whack and for the first time in my life, work is what gives. I’m so thankful I have that opportunity, though.

Instead of publishing one book every month, I only published two books. I was hopeful to have a third completed, but it is not happening. I’ve had to learn to be okay with that. I’m not thrilled, but it doesn’t mean I’m a failure either. The amount of books I sell and publish do not define me. I have finally learned who I am. An author is only one part of that and it’s perfectly normal to not be on top of my game in my career all the time. I had four years where I produced a lot of work. I plan to continue to write and publish until I die, but I think I’ve proven to myself that it can go at a slower pace than it used to.

I’m currently looking at my plans for 2020 and it’s been helpful to not only see what I didn’t achieve this year, but which ones still really matter to me. I think a lot of times, we don’t meet certain goals because they’re not that important to us. I can tell you, in the height of MS crisis, finishing and publishing Mr. Darcy’s Compassion was critical to me. I had planned to have it out earlier (I am always saying that), but I did finish it. I wasn’t letting MS take that away from me. As for everything else…well, I guess I just didn’t feel them deep enough in my soul. πŸ™‚ We’ll see what stays on the block for the 2020 list.

What about you? Did you meet all your goals for the year? Were there any that you are really proud of or some that you discovered didn’t mean that much to you?

8 thoughts on “2019 Goals in Review

  1. You have a lot on your plate. I admire you greatly that you kept going forward through all that life hit you with this year. I am a fan of your writing so as a fan I am greedy for more stories but as a fan of you, I urge you to take care of yourself–mentally as well as physically. I hope your holidays and your family are blessed.

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    1. Thank you! Your support means a lot to me! I figure the idea of “balance” means things change so it’s always a guessing game on switching things. Maybe after the kids are grown I will have more of a routine. That is happening faster than I’d like to admit!


  2. I’ve always enjoyed your books but could never understand how you achieved such a rapid publishing pace. Now that has slowed, I’ve found your newer works even more moving, more memorable than the earlier ones. Yours is not an easy life, and you’ve made it a fuller one than most people could handle. Have no regrets; your juggling act is exceptional and you are doing a stellar job on all fronts.

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    1. I started the publishing journey with a big stockpile of stories. I still have abandoned manuscripts from years and years ago that I dust off now and then, such as Courtship at Rosings. They have been published quickly in the first few years but it doesn’t mean that I was writing them all that fast. Also, I spent probably 50 hours a week writing. Or at least it felt like it. Maybe 30. It was a solid near full time to full time job. I’d write every spare second I had and late into the night, sometimes pulling all nighters. I can’t do that now.

      I’m pleased you find my newer works moving. I think some of that is just growing as a writer and some of it is the subject matter. Something like Letters from the Heart, which did take over a year of writing even though it is not a very long story, is just a more light-hearted story than Mr. Darcy’s Compassion which took about six months of writing a bit off and on. I actually write faster now, I just have days or weeks in between where I can’t get to the story and then it takes some time to get back into it. Such is the case with Lady Darcy’s Bluestocking Club.

      As for the full life, I learned pretty early on that I was happiest when busiest. While I’m learning to take breaks and take care of myself, I do like accomplishing things and getting things done. Unfortunately, none of that is housework.


  3. It’s often difficult when health problems put a spike in your planned achievements for the year. I think it’s because we had a list and tend to concentrate on what wasn’t achieved instead of look at the list of what we did and acknowledging, “Wow. Look at what I did even though I felt like death warmed over on most days.”

    At least that’s what I tell myself, especially since I totally understand as 2019 hasn’t been my best year. I’m hoping that 2020 will continue the trend of reorganizing my time (recognizing my limitations) and get me close to achieving my own goals.

    May the coming year, add more achievements to your end of the year list. But, whatever you do — celebrate having done it.

    Gentle hugs and wishes for a more healthy and productive 2020.

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  4. Good for you, Rose. In spite of having a big thing hit your life (MS), you are finding ways to still enjoy it, take care of your family, and accomplish goals along the way. Unfortunately, life is not kind to us as we get older, but you are adapting, and I’m learning the same. May you have a wonderful 2020. ❀

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