What do you want to read?

One of the things I’m doing right now is taking stock in the effectiveness of my blog and my brand in general. I’ve decided to join Patreon. Well, I joined it earlier this year but never set anything up. I’ve decided to rectify that for 2020.

In reviewing my blog, story posts are by far the most popular. Giveaways are the next most popular. I can’t have constant giveaways, but there would be more if I hosted guests again. I would like to have more guests on here in the future. I used to do that a lot and miss it.

All my posts chatting about my life and insights I have about reading get pretty low views and even lower comment counts.

So, I’m asking you as readers, what material do you want to see on my blog? The ideal situation is to have a blog post a day and feel like we are part of a tight-knit community. I have felt like I’ve gotten to know a few you very well over the years!

Here is a tentative line up:

Mon: Motivational post

Tues: Rapid Romance Reads (gather up newly released short story and novella published Romance works and link them.)

Wed: Wordless Wednesday (historical artwork)

Thurs: Throwback Thursday (post about historical person or event during or near the Regency era)

Fri: Friday Feature (sample of one of my previously published stories)

Sat: Current Work in Progress chapter

Some of these things take quite a bit of work to do. I would like to gauge interest in them before I set my plans in motion.

What things would you be willing to pay a small fee for on Patreon ($1 to $5 a month)? Examples are: early access to blog posts, an exclusive story, digital access to my backlist, acknowledgement in my books, name characters, a monthly video, gift package/birthday presents, Holiday cards. I’m open to suggestions! The goal of Patreon is to reward my super-fans who support me with a small monthly pledge. What would make you feel loved?

9 thoughts on “What do you want to read?

  1. Exclusive stories. For myself, I would not check in that many times a week. Do consider that you might be spreading yourself too thin. You are a writer, but you are a wife and mother, and that means other responsibilities as well. Whatever you decide, I wish you well. ❤

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    1. I took most of 2019 to focus on my health and then slowly added in things. The blog has been the lowest priority but I think I’m ready to do more with it again. I loved blogging about Austen themes and such but I got very little foot traffic on those days. Unfortunately, I can’t juggle multiple stories at a time as well as I used to. I sometimes need a break from the story I’m working on or even fiction writing in general. I truly enjoy research too and muttering to myself or making my husband listen to it only works for so long. LOL.


    1. I will never let this blog jeopardize my health. I took most of the year off to get to the basics of what I needed to do to function and then slowly added things back in. I think I’m ready for a bit more on the blog front. It’s just a question of what my readers want to see.


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