Wedding picture from 2004. We were utter babies. Only 19 years old!

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary! I know a lot of people say the years go by fast…but that’s not really true in my case. I feel like it was a few lifetimes ago. My husband and I have been through SO much more than we could have expected all those years ago. We’ve had to reinvent ourselves and pick ourselves back up several times. We’ve had tough months and years. Times of almost calling it quits and falling in love all over again. However, I would do it all again with him by my side. I certainly love him more now than I did then.

Today is also another anniversary. On this day a year ago, I started feeling numbness in the back of my left leg. I thought it was sciatica. I had experienced what I thought was that before. In the weeks that followed, I would lose feeling all over my body combined with extreme pain. I would barely be able to walk. I’d be so dizzy that I could hardly stumble to the bathroom. I would have memory loss, my speech and cognitive abilities affected. Most of the time, I was so tired that a shower would completely exhaust me and I’d have to lay in bed for hours (but not be able to sleep due to the pain). There would be days when I wouldn’t know how I could get through. Days of fear so bad I couldn’t even admit to myself the worries I had.

Anniversary gift last year. We went out to dinner and then walked around the mall and that’s when I really started to notice my leg hurt.

Two months after it started, I was diagnosed with MS. In hindsight, I had been having attacks, predominately in the fall, for years. I’m happy to say that with the help of medication, I have not had a relapse in the last year. I am not back to my “old self.” I suppose I will never entirely regain my energy levels. I’m also more protective of my “spoons” now. However, nothing has gotten worse. I am now seldom dizzy or have pain that an Advil can’t take care of. I don’t often have cognitive fuzziness or speech problems.

It would seem these two anniversaries are at odds with one another, but they’re really not. You see, during this health fiasco, I had to lean on my husband in a whole new way. We tested the limits of the vow “in sickness and in health.” He’s been there for me and been supportive every step of the way and I would not be doing as well as I am without him. Instead of remembering the onset of MS as the “beginning of the end,” I can remember it as the beginning of growing even more in love with my husband and committed to my marriage.

What are the most important anniversaries in your life?

10 thoughts on “Anniversaries

  1. Dear Rose, happy anniversary. And all my best wishes for the future and your health. I have been happily married for 57 years, and believe me it was worth it. So I can only wish the same to you. And I am looking forward to many years of reading your posts and books.

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  2. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
    I love the way you also think of the other anniversary in a positive way. Having a few health problems of my own at the moment and reading your post lifted me and gave me a couple of extra spoons of my own, thank you!

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  3. Happy Wedding Anniversary, dearest Rose. Your real-life story is heartwrenching and heartwarming as your fictional ones, much more so a lot of the time. I see how you think you were just babes in your wedding picture. Well, you are so much more beautiful now. We have been married 42 years and after that many years, it DOES seem like it’s gone fast, way too fast in some respects. And oh boy did we have some growing up to do, ourselves. The growth we experienced due to hardships we went through in earlier years was actually helped by the fact that we lived far away from our home state and therefore family and old friend, thus we had only ourselves to rely on. And I had and have a hero (to me) a prince, a Mr. Darcy for a husband…that helps a lot too. 😀

    You two have a stronger marriage than you ever thought you would. And I truly believe, pray and trust that you will remain more in love than ever, every year to come. And God Bless you both that those years are many many more.

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    1. Thanks for sharing some of your story! I agree about growing up together and having to rely on each other. We’ve experienced that many times over with all the moves we’ve gone through. And you’re definitely right. Our love is stronger now than I ever could have guessed. It’s almost laughable how I thought I loved him so much then compared to how much more I love him now.


  4. Happy anniversary and congratulations on this milestone! Your commitment to each other through sickness and health is to be commended. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your joys… and thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us. I wish you many more happy anniversaries to come. My husband and I have been married 28 years and I’ve had multiple health issues through the years, including two bouts with cancer. Celebrating life, health, family, love, friends and having a purpose has been more meaningful each year. Much love to you and your family… you have found the best gift of all: love ❤️

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Bravo to you for all the strength it’s taken to get through your trials and the grace you still have. I often think surviving is not so hard as doing so without growing bitter. Love and prayers for you and your family in the upcoming year!


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