Monday Motivation– Mindset

As an author, I believe in the power of words. I’ll confess I don’t often stare at the computer screen rewriting sentences attempting to perfect each and every word. However, I often have a thesaurus open for when I really need to find the right word. By the way, this is a major downside to writing historical works and attempting to keep word usage accurate to the era. I still want to say Darcy is flabbergasted by Elizabeth Bennet, but, alas, that word is about 180 years out of date.

I used to doubt the effect of positive thinking and speaking in my life. But, one day I tried it. I felt I had nothing left to lose. I hated how I felt. I committed to restating my negative thoughts with positive ones for a whole day. I don’t think any of my problems were fixed, but I noticed I didn’t feel *worse* than usual, so why not try it again? I kept it up for a week, then another, then a month, and so on. Before I knew it, I was facing challenges in a whole new light simply by replacing my negative thoughts.

Life is going to challenge you. You don’t have to feel miserable, though. You don’t have to believe the lies from bullies in your life. You are wonderful and can do amazing things.

“Change your language to “what if it does work out.” Believe in possibilities. Think of the best case scenario. Retraining your mind will lift you higher out of the overthinking, stress, and worry of negative habitual thoughts. Change starts with your mindset. Shift it. Switch it.”

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