Matching Pemberley Cover Reveal and Release

Happy early Valentine’s Day! Matching Pemberley has released just in time for the holiday! I have taken the story down, but you can still read chapters one and two as a sample.

I’m currently working on Angelica: Mr. Darcy’s Impertinent Daughter, but will be returning to the Matchmakers & Wallflowers universe later this year. Next on the list is Richard Fitzwilliam! Who do you think is the perfect woman for him? Anne de Bourgh? Mary Bennet? Jane? We haven’t met Charlotte Lucas yet. Or maybe he will have to encounter a lady currently unknown to the Austen world. Either way, he better be prepared to get a dose of the medicine he dished out!

For now, how about the blurb for Matching Pemberley and then the cover? Extra thanks goes to Leenie Brown who helped with this blurb as my brain was utterly toast at the time.

Their futures seemed determined, until they were not.

One would think that an heiress would have everything she wanted lying at her feet and a cadre of friends to ensure her happiness. However, one would be wrong. Lady Elizabeth Bennet secretly carries a devastating burden and, having spurned too many suitors, is a wallflower by choice. However, if she cannot find a match quickly, not even her money and title will save her from a fate worse than death.

William Darcy, a shopkeeper’s son and distant relation to the Darcys of Pemberley, never thought he would be a part of London’s society, but an unexpected friendship and a fortunate investment has thrust him into the bowels of fine society. It is not, perhaps a place he enjoys being, but it does afford him the prospect of finally restoring to his family what was once stolen.

There is, however, a rather pretty obstacle standing in his path. Lady Elizabeth, the woman with the unforgettable eyes, threatens to upend all of Darcy’s plans, while, unbeknownst to him, he poses a complication in her quest for security and safety. Can two rivals find a solution that brings them both what they want, or will one have to win at the other’s expense?

Matching Pemberley is the first in a new series featuring matchmakers and wallflowers from Rose Fairbanks. If you enjoy sweet stories with unexpected twists, you will love this gender-swap retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Cupid has his work cut out for him, but he may have a bit of help! Buy or download your copy today.

Buy Link: Amazon

Sample: Chapter One

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