Donate & Win a Book!

A fellow JAFF author, Barbara Silkstone, is facing extreme financial hardship due to medical issues. She’s worked all her life, but now that is impossible. This is something that I really understand after all my health troubles!

Amongst many others, I’m offering something to motivate donations to her Go Fund Me campaign. Even if you’re not a reader at all, please consider making a donation. Books make excellent gifts and you can always give someone the book you earn.

In return for every $5 donation, I am offering TWO free ebooks (no bundles). For a $15 or more donation, I am offering a signed paper back!

Please email me with proof of your donation and which books you would like. I will also add my link to my author page below so you can peruse the my catalog.

Also, the Darcy and Lizzy forum is offering a grand prize drawing. If you are not already a member, consider joining the forum to be eligible for the drawing.

Finally, please share on your pages!

Barbara’s Go Fund Me:


Author profile:

Darcy and Lizzy forum:

7 thoughts on “Donate & Win a Book!

  1. Thank you so much Rose, for the reminder/opportunity to help a JAFF writer in dire circumstances. Thank you also for your generosity; just spending the time to set this up, follow these comments, and of course, the donation of your books.

    I can’t seem to find your email address to send a confirmation of donation. I think I’m going to feel really silly when someone replies with that info.

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