Music Monday– We Will See Miracles

This song is very dear to my heart. It was sung at the church that I grew up in and became a theme song for the church the last 2.5 years since the pastor was diagnosed with stage four metastatic melanoma that had spread to his lungs, brain, and other organs. There certainly have been and continue to be miracles in the minister’s life as God heals him. He was given less than six months to live and has now survived nearly three years! There have been successful operations and good scans showing no new growths. It remains a difficult road, but one that, by God’s grace, he is winning. We know all things are possible to them that believe. Additionally, all things happen for a reason, as many have drawn closer to Christ due to his testimony.

I can’t help but get excited every time I hear about the progress he’s faced. If God is healing him, then I know my healing is happening too!

What miracles are you needing in your life?

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