6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday– The Mall in St. James Park

  1. Looks like a lady’s day. Today is my birthday and it has been horrendous with having to travel early one hour away to clean up my daughter’s flooded basement so they could leave for their cruise on the Baltic Sea.

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    1. Oh Sheila, What a miserable way to spend a birthday. Once that nasty chore is done I hope you can do something special for yourself. And I hope your daughter has a wonderful trip.

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  2. This picture is a revelation, Rose. I always imagine it differently so it’s great to see this (and I didn’t have to do the rabbit hole research myself.) That’s terrible to say. Some days I love the research. Especially when I find what I’m looking for. Other days, I’m so frustrated with the internet but most often my poor ADD self who can’t stay focused and stick with the original search. ‘Oh, look at the kitty!’ That’s me.

    I think if I’d lived in that era I’d be nearly insufferably rebellious. I love looking at the dresses, but wearing them? Out in the heat? I’m glad we live in this century and those days are just a nice place to visit in a romantic way.

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    1. Haha, I’m the some way! Some days, I love the research rabbit holes. Other days, I just tuck it away to worry about later. And of course once I start researching I end up going off onto different tangents and can’t even explain how I got there.

      I hear from historical re-enactors that it’s not terribly hot to wear all the layers. All the fabrics are natural so they’re very breathable. They tell me that having the stays (later, corsets) keep the torso a set temperature and that helps regulate other areas. That makes sense, I suppose. In the winter, I’ve learned that a down vest can keep me warmer than a coat and then I still have ease of movement with my arms. I suppose when you are raised dressing that way, it’s just what you’re used to and your body regulates to that in some sense.

      Of course, I am in no position to talk. I’m not used to heat and humidity where I live so I’ve been staying inside as much as possible. Even air conditioned buildings can be too toasty for me lately. We’re looking into it, but I might have another pheo making my hormones go crazy and that’s where all the extra heat and sweating is coming from. Sigh. Anyway, I really can’t stand to be hot. I’m so thankful to live in an era of air conditioning, electric fans, and year-round ice.


      1. I too have heard statements that match yours regarding the stays and corsets and layers, etc. But just thinking of the weight of a dress and petticoat just gets me thinking HOT. But hey, You’re right. It is the way we grew up and what to expect. I’m much older than you are and Lordie! We used to wear pantyhose to work every day. The thought of that about makes me croak right now.

        I hope they can figure out something to help with your excessive sensitivity to heat right now. Good golly, HORMONES. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

        Hang in there this summer. And back to the origin of this post, it was indeed a very lovely image and I thank you for it.

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