Quarantined with Darcy– Cover Reveal

I first started writing this story in the month that changed everyone’s lives. I had a free afternoon in what was supposed to be the two weeks to change the curve and wondered what it would be like if Jane’s illness at Netherfield turned into an epidemic. That idea alone was not entirely new. However, I was intrigued by the biggest issue that faced us with the Covid-19 virus, the fact that it was so new and we were unprepared for handling it. So, instead of giving signs of smallpox, pneumonia, scarlet fever, typhoid, or any other number of historical illnesses of the time, I kept the symptoms very similar to Austen’s original ailment for Jane Bennet. Surprisingly, they were also consistent with the pandemic we were then facing.

Well, the unprecedented times lasted for more than two weeks and distance learning was a pain in the rear. I did not continue to work on this story because, quite frankly, who wanted to be reminded of more quarantine time? Instead, other ideas struck my fancy. But, I came back to this story earlier this year. I still didn’t know if I would actually finish it, but it was worth adding just a little more to and see where it would go.

Well, Elizabeth told me she had a secret.

And that changed everything. I had to know what it was and everything about it. I’ve researched more for this story than probably anything since No Cause to Repine in 2014. That’s saying something!

Now, I don’t want to give too much away, but I will tell you this is the dedication:

In memory of Florence, Clara, and Jenny Lee. Thank you to Cherry, Sybil, Monica Joan, Evangelina, Bernadette, Trixie and Cynthia.


Can they keep their hearts isolated? 

Forced to stay at Netherfield with the imperious Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth thinks the edict to quarantine endangers her sanity. Unexpectedly, the increased time in Darcy’s company reveals her heart is in grave danger, especially as her deepest secret precludes any chance of matrimony.

Already bewitched by Elizabeth, Darcy recognizes her continued presence at Netherfield could destroy his plan to leave the area as a bachelor. However, he is helpless against the burgeoning love for her that grows with each passing day. 

How long will their quarantine last, and will their hearts be the only casualties? 

Quarantined with Darcy is the second installment in the Mayhem and Scandal collection of stand-alone Jane Austen-inspired stories that can be read in any order. If you like your dose of Darcy with a dash of danger and sweet, slow-burn romance, then download or buy today!

Quarantined with Darcy releases on Saturday, October 15!

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