2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday– Edward V and the Duke of York

  1. Now I wonder why they were imprisoned in the Tower. Are these the two boys who disappeared, and that mystery was never solved?

    Happy Thanksgiving, Rose.

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    1. Yes, their father, Edward IV, died suddenly and his brother was declared the Regent. He sent the boys to the Tower to “protect” them and then they disappeared. Richard III then usurped the throne but was defeated by Henry VII at Bosworth Field. Henry then married Edward’s daughter, Elizabeth of York. Their son Henry was infamous. There is a more familiar painting of the boys titled The Two Princes in the Tower by John Everett Millais in 1878. I have featured that one before and think it better, overall. Their faces look too adult-like in this portrait, IMO. However, I decided to feature this different portrait because on November 23, 1499 Perkin Warbeck was hanged for attempting to escape the Tower. He had invaded England claiming to be Edward IV’s younger son, Richard, who had escaped his uncle’s murderous intent. By this time Henry VII had been on the throne for several years. He recanted his statements after he was captured, claiming to be born in Flemings.


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