Happy New Year & 2023 Plans

Well, we made it through another year! It was a tough one for me, and I know for so many of you. I hope my books or blogging brought a ray of sunshine to your lives. I have been blessed by your friendship and support.

I can’t recall if I mentioned this on the blog anywhere, but I recently moved (again). Go ahead, you can groan with me. Or roll your eyes. Either one is a very acceptable reaction. This move wasn’t required by my husband’s job. However, he was able to transfer his position and instead of working in the south east states, he now has north east states. I’ll confess, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to explore a few places and states that I haven’t visited before.

We have returned to our “home,” the area my husband and I grew up in and where my children were born. We’ll be living with my father-in-law, who is aging. Most of my husband’s family still lives in the area, which will be a blessing after so many years of little time with them. It will also be a blessing to be at the church I grew up in. God is doing amazing things there and I look forward to continuing to grow. My husband and I prayed over it as we began to feel a draw to return home. We loved the friends and church family that we had in Beaufort, so it wasn’t that we were dissatisfied there. I suppose if you’re not a person of faith it may sound strange, but it was just a pull from God. We’ve moved so many times for my husband’s job which has always involved anxiety, but with this move, God made everything melt away for us. The only trouble we’ve had in the entire process is that we caught colds.

A few weeks ago, I put out a survey and asked my readers what they’d most like to read in 2023. Restored, the first in a companion series to Loving Elizabeth was the overwhelming favorite. Readers also said they preferred for Darcy and Elizabeth to be the featured couple. This set me into a bit of a conundrum as Restored is supposed to be about Elizabeth’s elder brother, who was supposedly dead, returning to Longbourn. I think I have a plan now, where the book will feature Sam and his love interest and also Darcy and Elizabeth’s marriage and how they cope with this twist in their lives.

I am still considering what other books I will work on this year, but have decided that I will play it by ear. I really think I would like to focus on Angelica and finish that. There is another plot bunny for Darcy and Elizabeth that is yapping at me. Or maybe I will focus on all the sequels I had planned.

I don’t have specific details, but here are my goals:

  • Publish one book a quarter
  • Refresh four books
  • Grow social media
  • Begin compiling healing stories for a book
  • Read the Bible in a year
  • Lose 50 pounds

As of right now, I am finishing up the extended epilogue for Meet Me at Pemberley. I have promised it to newsletter subscribers by February 14. Once I finish that, I hope to have a better idea of what story comes next. I am still experimenting with a good balance of Patreon exclusive stories and stories that I will share on the blog. I will definitely be sharing the refresh stories here. I hope to have one more story that I can share here as well, but I have to be mindful to protect my business too.

Do you have any goals for the new year?

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year & 2023 Plans

  1. May GOD bless you and yours in your new home and help keep you well and happy. Good luck with those goals. I don’t have any new goals but working on keeping up with e-mails I get, including new blog postings.

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