2019 Goals– The Year of Sequels & Originals

I freely admit, when it comes to goals, I regularly bite off more than I can chew. According to all the self-help and motivational books I've read this year, that's a great thing. So, I'll put that under the category of flaws about myself I need to celebrate and accept. That category has lots of … Continue reading 2019 Goals– The Year of Sequels & Originals

Motivational Monday– Year in Review

In my weekly chat with my author friends Zoe Burton and Leenie Brown, we discussed our top ten best sellers for 2018. I'm inordinately proud of myself. 2018 was probably the hardest year of my life emotionally. We moved twice. The first time was to my childhood town and for reasons I won't get into … Continue reading Motivational Monday– Year in Review

Positivity Monday- Goals

I used to be such an all or nothing person. If I couldn't achieve something the way I envisioned, then what was the point? I was a failure! I was always my worst critic. But, now I see that I've achieved many goals just via different methods than I planned. I wanted to live and … Continue reading Positivity Monday- Goals

Monday Motivation- Arrival

A few weeks ago my first non-JAFF book was published and through a small press, Trifecta Books. Consider this my official announcement, I plan on working on more non-JAFF in the future. I don't know that I'll ever leave JAFF entirely, most stories begin as Darcy and Elizabeth re-imaginings in my mind, but I'm excited about … Continue reading Monday Motivation- Arrival