2020 Publication Plans

Well, we are five months into 2020 and I thought I would re-evaluate my goals for the year.

As of December 2019, this was my plan for the blog:

Mon: Motivational post

Tues: Rapid Romance Reads (gather up newly released short story and novella published Romance works and link them.)

Wed: Wordless Wednesday (historical artwork)

Thurs: Throwback Thursday (post about historical person or event during or near the Regency era)

Fri: Friday Feature (sample of one of my previously published stories)

Sat: Current Work in Progress chapter

However, all the comments indicated that my followers really prefer stories over anything else. I analyzed my numbers and it seemed all the non-story posts got very few views and it was honestly so difficult to keep up with. By the time the Covid-19 Pandemic rolled around in March, I had given up on the idea of daily posts. Some of these, I would still like to do. I did Wordless Wednesday posts for years and I do love doing them. While they got a fair amount of views, they never got much interaction. Friday Feature had a fair bit of comments and I think did increase my sales on the days that I shared a sample from an older book. That is easy enough to schedule ahead of time.

I’ve also begun a new blog called The Reading Reticule. I gather all the JAFF news that I can find for the week and put it in one comprehensive list. I’m also curating lists of books by price. My original goal was simply to just find all the authors with books on sale during the pandemic. However, I realized it was difficult to know what was on sale versus what was simply bargain priced without being in contact with the author. I also discovered dozens and dozens of authors that I had never heard of before. Why shouldn’t they be included on the lists? If someone is looking for a $0.99 book, then the they should see all the options available.

It’s taking a bit more extra time to compile these lists. However, once they’re all set, it will just be general upkeep. I’m finding a lot of books to my add to my TBR pile and I think falling even deeper in love with JAFF.

Current stories being posted are Lady Darcy’s Bluestocking Club on Saturdays and Mr. Darcy’s Secret Baby on Monday These stories will continue posting through the summer. Click on the links below to read them. Lady Darcy’s Bluestocking Club is also on pre-order!

Lady Darcy’s Bluestocking Club on blog

Lady Darcy’s Bluestocking Club Pre-Order

Mr. Darcy’s Secret Baby

I would really love to have a new chapter at least once a week of Mr. Darcy and the Bewitched Sisters on Fridays. #fantasyfriday

I do not think I will complete this series for several years and I am *mostly* decided that I will not put it up for sale again until the whole series is finished. Click the link below to read the available chapters.

Mr. Darcy and the Bewitched Sisters

I’ve also added a few coming soon pages to the blog. My plans for later in the year include Mr. Darcy’s Impertinent Daughter, a sequel to The Gentleman’s Impertinent Daughter and Domestic Felicity, the sequel to A Sense of Obligation. I’ve created pages where you can read excerpts for these stories. Click the links below.

Mr. Darcy’s Impertinent Daughter

Domestic Felicity

I will also be editing the When Love Blooms series to include a more chronological timeline and insert Darcy and Elizabeth into the romances of Caroline and Truman, Anne and Arlington, and Richard and Belinda.

Looking into 2021, I plan to work on the Loving Elizabeth companion series: Friends and Follies. It will kick off with Restored, which is all about Sam Bennet’s mysterious and incredible reappearance at the end of Treasured. Elizabeth and Darcy will feature heavily in this series.

Click the link below to read a sample of Restored.


I also want to complete Book Two of The Men of Austen series, The Secrets of Donwell Abbey, which will be a variation of Emma. Book One was The Secrets of Pemberley. Each book in this series will be from the hero only point of view as they come to term with dark secrets in their lives. Click the link below to read a sample.

The Secrets of Donwell Abbey

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