He never meant for it to go so far. Now she’s having his baby.

Fitzwilliam Darcy always followed the path before him as a member of the bon ton. Falling in love with a woman from a country town with one foot in trade was never part of the plan. When his marriage proposal is rejected, his carefully contained emotions burst through his calm façade. She doubted he was passionately in love, and he never backed down from a challenge.

Elizabeth Bennet has despised Darcy since before they were properly introduced. Despite believing the feeling was mutual, the greatest insult in his wretched proposal was his claims of ardent love. She would not be mocked again and could not deny her attraction. Before she knew it, she had fallen from grace.

Both immediately regret their lapse in judgment, but as marriage is distasteful to Elizabeth, there is only one thing to do. She parts ways with Mr. Darcy, intending to live as if it never happened. When an unexpected consequence to their union arises, will Elizabeth stand fast to her resolve to never marry Darcy? Will he even be willing to offer for her again?

Mr. Darcy’s Secret Baby is a sweet romance of error and redemption. If you love stories full of misunderstandings, yearning, and self-discovery mixed with swoon-worthy kisses, buy or download today!

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