6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday– Ellen’s Isle

  1. Yes, beautiful! Where is this? Scotland?… as it is called a Loch under the painting. Although I did read the words about the artist on the side it did say he traveled to Europe.

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  2. Duncanson is a new artist to me, thank you Rose. He’s a good artist to choose for February because of his African heritage. Of personal interest to me was that he was considered part of the Hudson School of artists–which I should have figured out on my own just by looking at that majestic scene in the painting. I’m no expert, but let’s say a big fan of that style of art from the Hudson School artists.

    What a beautiful painting.


    1. I kept looking at images of his paintings after I finished commenting and realized I’ve seen one of his paintings in person. The Caves, which is fabulous! One of those paintings you can stare at for hours and really get lost in. That makes your post even more exciting for me!


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