Friday Feature– Mr. Darcy’s Secret Baby

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What if Elizabeth was having Darcy’s baby–and they weren’t married or engaged?

Ok, hear me out. I know this sounds CRAZY. I’ve already written a book where Darcy seduced Elizabeth (or so he thinks). And now I’ve got a book where they have sex but aren’t in a relationship? How? Why?

Well, listen. These plot bunnies take control and hold a gun to my head and I have to write it out. Don’t blame me. Blame them. Hahaha.

Mr. Darcy’s Secret Baby was inspired by reading contemporary romance novels where a secret baby was part of the plot. Just as I used modern tropes for the Loving Elizabeth series, I used another one for this book. I really enjoyed the challenge of writing a scenario where Darcy could both be so flawed as to have been intimate with a woman before marriage and still be honorable. If that wasn’t challenging enough, I had to get Elizabeth on board with giving into her passions in a sensual way–and during her refusing his proposal! Oh, and I wanted it to be a sweet and clean read with no on page depiction of the act itself. Honestly, I love how it turned out. The way Elizabeth falls in love with this Darcy is one of my favorite versions that I have read or written.

So, if you think Mr. Darcy would just be absolutely perfect and couldn’t let his guard down for a few minutes, then this book is not for you. However, if you think that people can make mistakes–real mistakes (their encounter is not glorified or excused)–and be redeemed, then this book is for you. It’s definitely not like your typical JAFF.


Soon the conversation turned to plans for outings in London. Mr. Bingley had offered the use of his box at the theatre one night before the ladies were to leave for Hertfordshire. Maria Lucas let out a squeal of delight at the scheme, for she had never been to the theatre.

The news brought alarm and anticipation for Elizabeth. The possibility of seeing Darcy again seemed high. Or would he shun the chance for her society? She hardly knew which she preferred.

By the time the evening of the theatre arrived, Elizabeth knew which she preferred. She attempted to beg off going, but her aunt pressed her to come. Macbeth was her favourite play, and it was rumoured Sarah Siddons was soon to retire. As there had been no confirmation that Darcy would be attending as well, Elizabeth decided she could bear the possibility of seeing him.

Elizabeth gathered with her relatives, Mr. Bingley, and Miss Bingley, in the main hall before the performance began. The others talked, but Elizabeth could not attend the conversation. Suddenly, a frisson of awareness trailed up her spine. She knew without even looking about that Mr. Darcy had arrived and must have seen her. She always knew when he had been observing her. Slowly, she glanced around the room. When she saw him, her breath caught. He was more handsome than she remembered. His eyes met hers, and then he whispered something to a very young lady who smiled at him with excitement and adoration.

Mr. Darcy approached, his presence heralded by Miss Bingley.

“Good evening, Bingley, Miss Bingley,” Darcy said. “Bingley, will you introduce my sister and me to your friends?”

Bingley grinned before performing the introductions. Elizabeth watched for any sign of regret on Darcy’s face at meeting the Gardiners, but he only seemed pleasantly surprised. He must have expected people more like the vulgar Phillipses. Upon hearing that Mrs. Gardiner had lived in Lambton, the Darcy siblings seemed more at ease.

Elizabeth had quickly observed that Miss Darcy was excessively shy. However, she had supposed her brother to still be afflicted with pride. Seeing him relax as he found a topic of conversation about a common interest with people he had just met, made Elizabeth think differently. Perhaps, like he had told her at Rosings, he found it difficult to make conversation with strangers.

“Are you well?” Darcy whispered to her, starting her from her woolgathering.

“Yes, so far as I know,” Elizabeth blushed.

“Everything is … normal?”

“It is too early to know.” Her face felt on fire.

“When do you leave for Longbourn?”

“In a fortnight. I should know by then.” Throughout the exchange, she had not looked at him.

“Will you allow me to call at Gracechurch Street before you leave? I think it is the least conspicuous way to communicate with me.”

“I did not think you would be willing to go to Cheapside, sir.”

“I am willing to do far more than that.”

Elizabeth chanced a peek at him. His earlier ease was gone, and he seemed almost pained to be having this conversation. His first proposal had dwelled entirely on how he owed it to his family to marry better than Elizabeth. His second was out of guilt and duty. He might be willing to do more, meaning marry her, but Elizabeth had not seen any proof that he truly desired it. How he must regret their encounter! The quicker they could put the whole thing behind them, the better.

“You have not answered,” Darcy pressed.

Glancing at him again, Elizabeth saw concern in his eyes and the furrow of his brow. Perhaps she had things all wrong again. He was asking for permission to see her rather than stating that he would come. Maybe he was attempting to listen to her reproofs.

“Yes,” she said, and she could see his relief immediately.

“Thank you. I promise to not stay long.” He flicked his eyes to Bingley. “Bingley intends to return to Netherfield. He has requested I return as well.” He continued to speak without looking at her. “Fear not,” he said hastily. “I must attend other business for a time and cannot go with him. However, in the future, I do intend to accept his invitation.”

Did he mean to put her on her guard?

“I apologise if that is unfavourable news to you,” he said even softer.

“Mr. Darcy,” Elizabeth began slowly. Her heart pounded loudly in her chest. Her tongue clambered to find the words, but her brain moved too sluggishly. She did want to see him again. There was much they needed to say to one another, but she continued to think if only they could sit and speak, things might be resolved favourably. “I do not —”

“Excuse me,” he said and suddenly left as someone else had hailed him from across the room.

Darcy returned to their group only to collect his sister before the play began. Throughout the play, Elizabeth thought of what Darcy had said. She would see him, eventually, at Netherfield. Did he go unhappily out of service for his friend, hoping to avoid her? Or did he, like she, hope that they could overcome their misunderstandings? Amid all the unanswered questions, hung the difficulty of the liberties they took. If Elizabeth were with child, all of this would matter naught. Darcy would insist on marrying her, whether or not he wanted to do so. Did he even wish to speak with her again, or was it only to know if there were consequences to their intimacy?

Elizabeth’s attention was drawn to the play in Lady Macbeth’s final scene. As Sarah Siddons dramatically enacted the lady’s descent into madness and her desperation to wash the blood from her hands, Elizabeth felt a growing dread in the pit of her stomach. She, like Lady Macbeth, had done something which would not wash off with water. Whether there was a child or not, Elizabeth could not pretend that her life could be the same. How did she intend to deal with this longing to be with Darcy while not knowing his true feelings, without descending into madness?

As she climbed into bed that evening, Elizabeth decided that what she needed most was time. Time would tell if there was to be a child. Time would tell if Darcy’s admiration was as superficial as she feared. And only time would tell Elizabeth if the feelings she was now experiencing toward the most exasperating gentleman of her acquaintance could grow into love — or even if they should.

Here is a bonus excerpt just because it’s one of my most favorite scenes ever

On the third day of their newlywed life, Elizabeth finally got to experience immersing herself in the seawater via one of the bathing machines.

“I did not care for it, Fitzwilliam,” she had said when he asked once they were nestled together in the drawing room. “It seemed so silly to be enclosed in the contraption instead of enjoying the openness of the sea.” She glanced away and blushed. “I also missed having you by my side for the experience.”

“Were you frightened?” Darcy asked as he pressed a kiss to her temple.

“No. However, I am afraid you and the sea have become inexorably linked in my mind. Your presence heightens my enjoyment.” A deep frown marred her beautiful features. “Unfortunately, we can only go so far out lest my clothing becomes too immodest for any passers-by.”

Darcy stroked his jaw. “It has been unseasonably warm, and there is still quite a bit of moonlight for the next few evenings. Shall we be naughty and have a night-time adventure?” He hoped he had not shocked Elizabeth with his suggestion.

Immediately, an expression of excitement and mirth filled her face. “Do you really mean it?”

“I would not have suggested it if I did not.”

“You are full of surprises, Fitzwilliam. I never would have guessed you would think of something so improper.”

He gave her a heated gaze. “I often think of being improper with you. The image of you in the moonlight with wet clothing has filled my imagination since we arrived here.”

Elizabeth gasped at his speech before grinning and pulling his head in for a deep kiss.

The evening that they snuck out of the house and tiptoed to the shore under the light of a million stars was the stuff of Darcy’s fantasies. In the stillness and the darkness, every sensation was heightened. Elizabeth’s soft chuckle as the waves tickled her feet was a siren call. She needed mild assurance from him as they trailed deeper in the water, but as always, his Lizzy was brave. She immersed herself entirely, trusting that he would keep her safe. It was nearly his undoing. When she emerged with water glittering in her hair as a moonbeam bathed her in light, it was more than he could bear. Cupping her face in both hands, he allowed his lips to wander over her face, tasting the saltwater. Before reaching her mouth, he pulled back.

“I am no poet, but my love for you is as deep and fathomless as the sea.”

Elizabeth’s eyes glittered with the expression of affection and love, which thrilled his soul as she placed her hands on his cheeks in return. “And my love for you is as unceasing as the sea. There is no end in sight.” Darcy could not say who had moved first, only that once their lips met, there was a rushing and unstoppable current of desire that over-swept them. Trailing water through the halls, they clumsily raced through the house.  When Darcy nearly knocked over a marble bust, they struggled to contain their laughter. Finally, they arrived at Darcy’s chamber, their passions rising once more.


He never meant for it to go so far. Now she’s having his baby.

Fitzwilliam Darcy always followed the path before him as a member of the bon ton. Falling in love with a woman from a country town with one foot in trade was never part of the plan. When his marriage proposal is rejected, his carefully contained emotions burst through his calm façade. She doubted he was passionately in love, and he never backed down from a challenge.

Elizabeth Bennet has despised Darcy since before they were properly introduced. Despite believing the feeling was mutual, the greatest insult in his wretched proposal was his claims of ardent love. She would not be mocked again and could not deny her attraction. Before she knew it, she had fallen from grace.

Both immediately regret their lapse in judgment, but as marriage is distasteful to Elizabeth, there is only one thing to do. She parts ways with Mr. Darcy, intending to live as if it never happened. When an unexpected consequence to their union arises, will Elizabeth stand fast to her resolve to never marry Darcy? Will he even be willing to offer for her again?

Mr. Darcy’s Secret Baby is a sweet romance of error and redemption. If you love stories full of misunderstandings, yearning, and self-discovery mixed with swoon-worthy kisses, buy or download today!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Feature– Mr. Darcy’s Secret Baby

  1. I have my qualms about reading a story in which ODC has sex before marriage. However, as I have enjoyed your stories, I am going to take a chance on this one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure lots of people would say it’s out of character for them. But, I think everyone can act out of character from time to time. I think how they behave during the story (the sex happened *before* the book begins) is very like them. But that’s just me. It’s in KU so you can give it a try and if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s okay.


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