Positivity Monday- Respect Yourself

  Recently, as I was doing a live makeup tutorial on my Facebook wall, a man began commenting. He had said he believed the video was something that might pertain to him and it wasn't. He was annoyed and I said that I would gladly talk about Saturday plans, as that was part of the … Continue reading Positivity Monday- Respect Yourself

Positivity Monday- Forgive Yourself

Yeah...so.... my diet never started last week. But didn't I say it was healthy living? So, last week I made a choice to drink more water and limit my caffeine. I also made sure I took my Vitamin D (aka found the bottle). And the other night I made spaghetti squash pizza crust with turkey … Continue reading Positivity Monday- Forgive Yourself

Positivity Monday- Progress

I'm supposed to be starting my healthy living program again today. My husband and I did really well with it last year up until October when we moved to my father-in-law's and ran out of our easy to grab bars and well...excuses, excuses. We kept saying we were going to start again but then would … Continue reading Positivity Monday- Progress

Positivity Monday- Turn the Page

  I can't remember if I've posted this before, but if I have it's worth repeating. I'm finally down in North Carolina! We'll be heading back up for Easter and to do a final therapy appointment for my son but otherwise no more back and forth for any of us! It's such a relief. That … Continue reading Positivity Monday- Turn the Page

Positivity Monday- Half Way There

  I'm a huge believer in faking it until you make it. Bring an aura of calm and professionalism, and you'll be more respected and reap greater results. I often feel like a duck. You might not see my legs working furiously under the water, but I promise you they are. This weekend was a … Continue reading Positivity Monday- Half Way There

Positivity Monday- Walls

I'm back from my unexpectedly long road trip! Last week, I was house hunting with my husband in North Carolina. He has officially started working down there Monday-Friday and we were on a mission to find a house ASAP. We drove down together so my mom and brother, who were having to coordinate watching the … Continue reading Positivity Monday- Walls

Positivity Monday-Things Could Go Right

I'm preaching to myself today. We got word last week that my husband's relocation To North Carolina is set for the middle of THIS month. It's been a moving target but we had last been told June. We've been living with my father-in-law so I am dying for my own place again. However, I worry about … Continue reading Positivity Monday-Things Could Go Right