Renewed Hope–Chapters 6-12

Chapter Six   Richard remained on the periphery of Lord Townshend’s ball. Old chums occasionally greeted him and once in a while he noted a young lady smile upon him approvingly before being swept away by their mother to meet some other more desirous match. On the marriage mart, the second son held little attraction. … Continue reading Renewed Hope–Chapters 6-12

Renewed Hope- Chapter Five

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five   Richard walked into the hospital and greeted the staff. He had been home from the Continent for several weeks now and was blessed that his stay in the hospital was so short. He was even more blessed that his family was as healthy and … Continue reading Renewed Hope- Chapter Five

Renewed Hope- Chapter Four

I didn't mean to leave you hanging for so long! Teddy is in between summer camps and it's difficult to get anything done! Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four She kissed him. Lord forgive her. Seth forgive her. She would never forgive herself. She kissed him. Belinda broke the kiss that was little … Continue reading Renewed Hope- Chapter Four

Renewed Hope- Chapter Three

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three   Caroline Bingley sat alone in her chambers. Any moment now, her maid would appear to help her dress for dinner. For the time being, however, Caroline reveled in a rare moment of solitude. Three days ago, she had left London and followed her brother to Hertfordshire. Again. He … Continue reading Renewed Hope- Chapter Three

Renewed Hope- Chapter Two

Chapter One Chapter Two Richard scowled in the mirror as he awaited his valet’s return. His brother, James, and Darcy had hightailed it off to Hertfordshire, leaving Richard alone against his mother’s machinations. Why Darcy suddenly wanted James at his side Richard knew not. He was Georgiana’s other guardian, and Darcy had spent the better … Continue reading Renewed Hope- Chapter Two

Renewed Hope- Chapter One

I am so excited to bring the companion story of Sufficient Encouragement! It is part retelling and part sequel as the story coincides with the timeline of Darcy and Elizabeth's courtship and also extends past the epilogue of their story. Here's the blurb: Sometimes love needs a second chance. Told against the backdrop of Elizabeth … Continue reading Renewed Hope- Chapter One