Throwback Thursday– A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is one of my absolute favorite books. I think everyone needs to read it. This weekend, I watched the film "The Man Who Invented Christmas" about Charles Dickens as he wrote A Christmas Carol. As a writer, I loved its portrayal of him dealing with the interruptions of life as he wrote … Continue reading Throwback Thursday– A Christmas Carol

Throwback Thursday–Smallpox Vaccine

My house is currently a petrie dish with three out of the four of us ill with strep throat. I'm essentially a waking Lysol machine right now. It seemed fitting to do this month's Throwback Thursday on the advent of the smallpox vaccine which predates antibiotics by nearly two hundred years. I have been interested … Continue reading Throwback Thursday–Smallpox Vaccine

Throwback Thursday–Somerset v. Stewart

It's been a long time since I've done a Throwback Thursday post. I'm going to try to do them once a month. My post on Monday has somewhat set the tone for my posts this week. I looked at the opening of Mansfield Park this Monday, so it was only right that the Wordless Wednesday post … Continue reading Throwback Thursday–Somerset v. Stewart

Throwback Thursday- Bill Richmond

If you haven't read them already, Sufficient Encouragement and Renewed Hope feature a colored man in Regency England. He is Colonel Fitzwilliam's servant, the descendant of a slave...and in love with Caroline Bingley--or who she had been ten years ago. The lack of cultural diversity represented in Regency Romances and Jane Austen Fan Fiction came … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Bill Richmond

Edward Gardiner of Hertfordshire…and his family

This week’s Throwback is a bit like a treasure hunt. Which is basically my favorite kind of research. Blame it on watching Indiana Jones and National Treasure too many times. I wish I could be that cool. Oh, and even Tomb Raider- because girls can be awesome historian/adventurers and kick butt too (and actually better … Continue reading Edward Gardiner of Hertfordshire…and his family

Throwback Thursday- Lady Elizabeth Hamilton Stanley

I'm editing A Sense of Obligation (and posting a newer version on Beyond Austen, Austen Authors, and The Peculiar Ramblings Library) and while working on it I recalled the research I put into Darcy's London House. They don't spend much time at Pemberley before the story ends, so I really wanted Darcy House to mean … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Lady Elizabeth Hamilton Stanley

Throwback Thursday- Angelica Kauffman

Born Maria Anna Angelika Katharina Kauffmann in Switzerland in 1741 to Austrian parents, Angelica Kauffman is one of the first great female artists. Her father was a painter and soon began teaching his daughter. At the age of 13 she traveled to Milan with him, she was already painting bishops and minor nobles.     … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Angelica Kauffman