Throwback Thursday– The Battle of Corunna

The Battle of Corunna near Elvina, Spain, occurred on this day, January 14, 1809. I will not be going into the tactical specifics of this battle because I am not a military historian, and such things mostly go over my head. However, I will dwell on the background and aftermath of the battle, specifically what … Continue reading Throwback Thursday– The Battle of Corunna

Throwback Thursday– Institution for Civil Engineers

I tried to do a Throwback Thursday theme on my blog a few years ago, but I wasn't very good at scheduling out my time to write blog posts back then, so I only did a few posts. However, I have firm plans in place to continue this theme for at least a few months. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday– Institution for Civil Engineers

Mansfield Monday– Frozen Fanny

I type this up as I am bundled in my thick fleece robe and socks to warm my feet. I consider the investment of fingerless gloves for writing. Are we experiencing a cold snap in Tidewater, Virginia? No. My husband has cranked up the air conditioning. Sigh. Women's winter, am I right?   Would … Continue reading Mansfield Monday– Frozen Fanny

Wacky Wednesday– Regency Male Costume

I've posted about female Regency era fashion a few times. Today, I want to talk about male fashions--specifically the wacky ones. You probably have something close to this in your head for male clothing of the era.                     I've gone through a lot of fashion prints … Continue reading Wacky Wednesday– Regency Male Costume

Style Saturday- Caroline Bingley’s Gowns

Be honest. Either you or someone you have known has criticized Caroline Bingley's gowns in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice adaptation. They look shocking to our modern sensibilities--even more so when paired with gowns which fit the aesthetic of the period better. But are they really so inaccurate? I'll be going over the Meryton Assembly … Continue reading Style Saturday- Caroline Bingley’s Gowns

Austen Writes Romance- Broken Hearts

Welcome to the second post in a series on Austen Writes Romance! The first post was on Austen Authors. I will be discussing plot points of Austen's works, so there will be SPOILERS. For the sake of brevity, I will assume a certain amount of knowledge of each book, so I do not need to … Continue reading Austen Writes Romance- Broken Hearts