Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven Bella, Mrs. Potter, and Maria gathered in the South Drawing Room. They sprinkled a mixture of salt and rose water around the windows and pianoforte but nowhere else. “Do you really think it will work, ma’am?” Maria asked Mrs. Potter. “It is worth a try, isn’t it?” Maria frowned. “Unless it stirs her … Continue reading Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter Seven

Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter 6

Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six The next morning, Leo came down late to breakfast. Nor did he smile at Bella. He greeted her with civility, but that was all. “Leo, when had you wanted to investigate the cave? Lady Rosalyn seems to only handle lessons until noon.” … Continue reading Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter 6

Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter 3

Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three “I hope you can tell me more about the child,” Arabella said to the Duke’s housekeeper as she was led to the nursery. She preferred conversation to pull her thoughts of the Duke. He had been massive and hulking. A large scar ran across his cheek. She wouldn’t … Continue reading Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter 3

Sisters Bewitched- Chapter Four

Chapter Four The next night, the family attended dinner at Sir William Lucas’s home. “Mr. Bingley seems quite taken with Jane,” Charlotte Lucas said to Elizabeth. “I think he is!” “Does she return his affection?” “You are our dearest friend in the world, surely you see she does!” “Yes, but he does not know her … Continue reading Sisters Bewitched- Chapter Four

Sisters Bewitched- Chapter Three

Chapter Three “What a lovely home you have,” Mrs. Tilney said to Mrs. Bennet in the drawing room after dinner. “Did any of your daughters assist with the meal?” Mrs. Bennet attempted to answer civilly, but her daughters could see her embarrassment at what must be an obvious slight. “No, the girls have nothing to … Continue reading Sisters Bewitched- Chapter Three

Sisters Bewitched- Chapter Two

Chapter Two Instead, each lady dreamed of their deceased parent. Mr. Morland came to Catherine bathed in a white glow and bade her go to the woods behind the east garden. Mrs. Bennet ordered her daughters there as well. Jane obeyed readily enough, but Elizabeth was too sensible even in her dreams. At length, as … Continue reading Sisters Bewitched- Chapter Two

Sisters Bewitched- Chapter One

  Chapter One “Have you heard, Mr. Bennet, that General Tilney is to return to Netherfield Abbey at last?” The newest Mrs. Bennet asked her husband. “Is he? I suppose he has his reasons.” “Indeed. He has married a Mrs. Bingley.” “And does the new Mrs. Tilney have any grown children?” “Yes, all of their … Continue reading Sisters Bewitched- Chapter One