Rapid Romance Reads

I'm a BUSY lady. I write for my full time income that pays my bills and feeds my kids. I have two special needs kids that like to wake up before the rooster crows. I also homeschool them. But this isn't about me being a super-woman. This is about me being average. All the cooking, … Continue reading Rapid Romance Reads

New release! The Maid of Inverness

More than a year ago, I was approached by a small publishing print that I had worked with before about writing an original non-JAFF story for a multi-author themed series. Sir James Stirling is called "the Marriage Maker" and has an unusual ability to help people find their true love. Within the larger series, each … Continue reading New release! The Maid of Inverness

Renewed Hope- Chapter One

I am so excited to bring the companion story of Sufficient Encouragement! It is part retelling and part sequel as the story coincides with the timeline of Darcy and Elizabeth's courtship and also extends past the epilogue of their story. Here's the blurb: Sometimes love needs a second chance. Told against the backdrop of Elizabeth … Continue reading Renewed Hope- Chapter One

Happy New Year! Resolutions & Releases

For some reason, I didn't fall asleep until 4:30 on New Year's Eve and almost 2 last night. I kind of wanted to start the new year off on a better foot than that! Well, here goes. Some resolutions and lots of release news from me. Resolutions Sleep more Drink more water- In October I … Continue reading Happy New Year! Resolutions & Releases