Tilney Tuesday– Knight in Shining Armor

Jane Austen pokes fun of the Gothic tropes common for her day in Northanger Abbey. Storms rage and mysterious chests might contain secrets. The abbey might have hidden passageways. General Tilney is a domineering father who oppresses his children. However, Catherine is the heroine, not Elinor Tilney. Catherine has no such terrifying background to overcome. … Continue reading Tilney Tuesday– Knight in Shining Armor

Tuesday Trivia–Northanger Abbey

Halloween is in just a few days, so it seems fitting to make this Tuesday Trivia about the book in which Jane Austen satirized gothic novels. Let me know if you knew any of the factoids below about Northanger Abbey! Northanger Abbey was published posthumously in 1817 in a two-volume set with Persuasion. It was … Continue reading Tuesday Trivia–Northanger Abbey