Reading Saturday

I'm supposed to be writing a lot this weekend, but after a few months of not feeling like reading, I'm thrilled that in the last few weeks I've wanted to read again! Thanks, Zoloft! So, I'm going to have to pencil in some time this weekend. I've got Christi Caldwell's latest, Tempted by a Lady's … Continue reading Reading Saturday

Who Doesn’t Love a Giveaway?

This is half PSA and half Question Tuesday. Who doesn't love a giveaway? Not this gal. What if it was 28 prizes from 13 authors? Is your mouth ¬†watering yet? Ebooks, giftcards, paperbacks, and audiobooks are up for grabs. Sound too good to be true? But it's not! All you have to do is capture … Continue reading Who Doesn’t Love a Giveaway?