Publishing news!!

So, I’ve been busy behind the scenes with publishing things. Which means editing, more editing, formatting and book cover decisions etc. Don’t worry, I’m still writing! I like to stay busy and the Muse won’t leave me alone.

So here’s what’s coming up:

UndoneBusiness-EBookFinalUndone Business: releasing April 8 and then will also be part of an anthology later in April or May.

Upon leaving Hertfordshire in early December, Darcy feels certain he provided reasons for Elizabeth to distrust Mr. Wickham. She, in turn, believes Darcy understands Jane’s feelings for Mr. Bingley. Disappointed in her attempts to see Bingley again, Jane despairs of ever finding happiness. Yet, the business of life cannot always remain undone. When Darcy and Elizabeth meet again in Kent, both couples must face the courses their lives have taken. Undone Business explores the cost of both opportunities missed and second chances seized.


photoshopped3No Cause to Repine: Releasing May 25. This is a full length novel. Now available for pre-order on Amazon!

When a simple accident is misinterpreted and threatens Elizabeth Bennet’s reputation her fate seems sealed as Fitzwilliam Darcy’s wife. While the bride is resigned, the gentleman could hardly be happier until betrayals and schemes threaten to entirely take the matter out of their hands. Overcoming the plots before them will take all the patience, perseverance and collaboration they can muster, but a partnership requires truth. Self-discovery and trust awaits Jane Austen’s most beloved and willfully blind couple as they attempt to master their own destiny in life and love.

A Sense of Obligation: August 2015. Full length novel.

A chance but meaningful encounter in Netherfield’s library leads Darcy and Elizabeth to face their poor behavior and feelings for each other.

A Winter Wonderland: November 2015. Short stories.

I’m really excited about this and taking this step to writing full time. But you’ll always see the stories first here on the blog. So while these are being published, new ones will be posted.

Also, I’m editing A Sense of Obligation and adding some scenes. This new version is available on Beyond Austen and Austen Authors’ The Writer’s Block.

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