Giveaway winners!

game winners

Since only 6 people entered and I had said 5 prizes, I decided to go ahead and give the last runner up a prize too. I will be contacting everyone shortly. Congratulations to you all! Thanks for playing!

Congratulations Tgruy for being the only one to get all questions correct!

Here are the answers!

Who is the only person besides Elizabeth’s immediate family to call her Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice?

  • Charles Bingley

Charlotte always called Elizabeth by Eliza but Mr. Bingley calls her Lizzy after he is engaged to Jane and the morning after Darcy and Elizabeth have settled matters at last:

“As soon as they entered, Bingley looked at her so expressively, and shook hands wih such warmth, as left no doubt of his good information; and he soon afterwards said aloud, “Mr. Bennet, have you no more lanes hereabouts in which Lizzy may lose her way again to-day?” -Chapter 59.

2. Mr. Darcy is described as tall, dark and handsome.

  • False

He is described as tall and his handsomeness seems to depend on how one views his character, but he is never described as dark. Of course, the Darcy.In.My.Head certainly is!

3. Who had a run in with gypsies in Emma?

  • A. Harriet

Harriet was “rescued” by Frank Churchill, who we later learn is secretly engaged to Jane Fairfax. Harriet later mentions being rescued as the moment of enciting her feelings towards a gentleman and Emma presumes she means this encounter.

4. In Northanger Abbey, Catherine Morland spends her first night at the Abbey frightened because of what?

  • A storm

While Catherine Morland later conjures reasons of her own to believe General Tilney murdered his wife there were never accounts of such rumors. Instead, she is frightened her first night at Northanger Abbey because of a storm…very much like the kind in a story Mr. Tilney had told her on the way there in order to tease her.

5. Austen writes a lot about siblings. Which heroine had an unsupportive elder brother?

  • Elinor Dashwood

While James Thorpe was rather foolish, it is John Dashwood who is (easily) convinced by his wife to do very little for his step-mother and step-sisters and instead they are mostly living on the charity of distant relations and Mrs. Dashwood’s income.

6 thoughts on “Giveaway winners!

  1. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and preparing the quiz, Rose. It’s been two days but I have yet to receive an email from you. Maybe I’m a bit impatient to claim my prize!


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