Truthful Tuesday- Winter

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I love winter. I love the cold weather. I love how it feels to breathe in cold air. I love how cthe snow makes everything look sparkling clean. Memories of snowball fights and sledding are among my favorite, even if I did break my tail bone while trying to glimpse at my 13-year-old crush. And the food! Soups, chilis, baked goods, coffee, hot chocolate. What’s not to love?

And then the other truth is, I HATE winter as a parent. Dragging kids around in arctic temperatures is awful. Worrying about their little hands and feet. Insisting on gloves and hats. YES your coat needs to be zipped. Taking half an hour to get bundled up to play in the snow just to come running back in freezing and unhappy 10 minutes later. Ugh. And then the hot chocolate. It’s too hot! Then it has to cool down, which defeats the purpose of using it warm them up. Soup? My kids only want it when it’s in *my* bowl. Chili? They shun anything that has more than one flavor at a time. Of course, they love corn bread and cookies.

But here’s the real evil.


Snow days.

When did something so wonderful and glorious turn into something that is a plague on my existence?

Growing up, I was always told to enjoy my childhood because adulthood had things like worries about bills. Well, I already worried about bills as a child but they should have told me snow days would be ruined. No longer are they days for enjoyment but rather for cursing the closing of many businesses, schools, and daycares for the children.

Don’t get me wrong, I want everyone to be safe but trying to entertain children inside who are bouncing off the walls with energy and convinced that outside is fun is a special brand of torture.

How do you feel about winter and snow days? Or do you live in an area without cold weather?

2 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday- Winter

  1. I used to enjoy snow as a child especially when my older brothers would take me sledging. One pulled me over a frozen lake to an island, luckily the ice was thick but mum wasn’t too pleased! When my children were little they loved it too,which was lucky as we didn’t have a car so had to walk everywhere. Nowadays I don’t like it as I can’t get to take my mum shopping. Luckily we haven’t had much so far this year and I’m hoping that continues.


  2. I hate to drive in the snow – especially as the SUV with 4 wheel drive speed past as if they are immune to slipping and/or sliding. We lived in Texas for 2 years and roses outside our door at Christmas did not make it seem like Christmas for us. Love to look at it on the trees and bushes and to go sledding in it and even to build snow men but traveling is not fun.


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