Truthful Tuesday- House Hunting

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As I stated in yesterday’s blog post, I was out of town house hunting all last week. We found one that I think will be absolutely perfect for us but the truth is, I think I’m a bit addicted now!

I grew up poor and in low-income housing. Sometimes, we would tour manufactured housing (which many of our friends from church bought) and they would feel so lofty and grand. We would dream about “someday” when we could afford a $70,000 pre-fab house. Imagining a stand alone house without neighbors connected and leasing instead of renting felt like we would have had it made. After our bankruptcy (which involved foreclosing on a condo- so still not an unattached house), I’ve again felt that way. We’re still renting but due to my husband’s job and my writing we’re able to afford a very nice home with a lot of space and one that we will be excessively happy in for as long as we live in the area. However, I still think of “one day” when we can buy or build our own house.

In the meantime, you might find me at local open houses just looking around and dreaming of “someday.”

Truthful Tuesday- Moving

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If you read yesterday’s post, then you know I’m moving to North Carolina sometime soon. We don’t have an exact date yet. It’s about 4 hours from where I currently live. This time,  my mother and youngest brother have decided to move as well. This is the fifth move in less than three years for us. In my twelve years of marriage, we have moved many, many times. And I always get sympathy when I talk about it. Don’t get me wrong, I hate packing and unpacking. The stress of finding a new place, sorting out schools and getting doctor recommendations is stressful. But the truth is, I really like parts of it. I like changing houses and getting to decorate again. I like changing cities and meeting new people, making new friends, and learning about a new setting and “culture.” I will admit I wasn’t always happy with our move in West Virginia but I also was trying to function while battling clinical depression, so I wasn’t my usual cheerful self that was outgoing and making friends. That’s a mistake I won’t make this time! I also was really tunnel-visioned with work. This time, I intend on having plans that make me get out of the house and goals to talk to a certain number of people every week, etc. It does make me a bit uncomfortable because I have introvert tendencies too — I need some peace and quiet to recharge — but the truth is, I also like to be pushed outside my comfort zone. It’s how I became an author!

Truthful Tuesday- Kids

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If you follow me on Social Media, especially Facebook, then you’ll know that my husband has been traveling a lot for work lately. I’m so totally over it. It’s good for him professionally, and basically, just something we have to deal with right now until his next store is ready (we’re in a contract so we would have to pay back the company if he quit) so I’m trying to deal with it. But the solo parenting is driving me nuts.


The truth is I love my kids, but I don’t always like them.

I don’t like the way they behave better for pretty much anyone else.

I don’t like that I have to answer every single question and split up fights.

I don’t like that I have to be the one to enforce all the rules and dole out punishment.

I don’t like how much I resort to bribery for good behavior.

I don’t like that I have to do all the dishes, laundry, cleaning, packing lunches & backpacks, dressing, re-dressing, wiping butts, scrubbing hands, making meals, remaking meals.

I don’t like how at this moment neither one of them are staying in their bed.

I don’t even really like how my daughter climbs in my bed almost every night and snuggles so close to me I can’t move and am in danger of falling off the bed. Oh, and she makes me sweat.

Despite all this, one smile, hug, or kiss from them reminds me of all the reasons I love them. Even when they’re doing nothing “right,” I love them because they’re mine and they love me and forgive me of all my mistakes too, and that’s true love.

Truthful Tuesday- I’m a Type A

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I’ve been having some health problems so I was reading some articles about a condition that matched my symptoms (no diagnosis yet). One of them was about a woman who said her Type A personality almost killed her. She just would not slow down and take stock in how poor her health was. Not only did I recognize many of her symptoms, I also recognized her attitude of break-neck speed and brushing things off unless they literally stopped her in her tracks. The interesting thing was, I hadn’t considered myself a Type A before.

I thought Type A’s were all about organization and rigid routine. And I’ll admit, I do like those, but between living with my husband for 12 years (who is definitely NOT like that) and having a special needs child, I learned to give up on those as priorities in my life. Teddy loves *his* routines but I’ve got to put his before mine and then when he has a melt-down the world has to stop anyway.

This is what Wikipedia says about Type B: noted to live at lower stress levels. They typically work steadily, and may enjoy achievement, although they have a greater tendency to disregard physical or mental stress when they do not achieve. When faced with competition, they may focus less on winning or losing than their Type A counterparts, and more on enjoying the game regardless of winning or losing. Unlike the Type A personality’s rhythm of multi-tasked careers, Type B individuals are sometimes attracted to careers of creativity: writer, counselor, therapist, actor or actress. However, network and computer systems managers, professors, and judges are more likely to be Type B individuals as well. Their personal character may enjoy exploring ideas and concepts. They are often reflective, and think of the “outer and inner world”.

See! I’m a writer! I must be Type B. However, let me examine Type A:

rude- I used to be terribly blunt but others did see it as rude. I’ve worked hard at changing that.

ambitious- glances at publication plans for this year. sighs.

rigidly organized- scoffs but is glad no one can see my mental filing cabinet of organized thoughts.

highly status-conscious- Being depressed because I have no new release while what feels like everyone else does is not status-conscious. It’s not!!

sensitive- no you’re sensitive. ::tear trickles down face::

impatient- For the love of Heaven if I get interrupted doing this blog post one more time!

anxious- Oh no. What will happen if I don’t finish this blog post?

proactive- But it will be finished because that’s why I schedule them ahead of time!

and concerned with time management- I have 11 minutes left for this task.

People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics.” – No, it’s called a “working holiday.” It’s not my fault I can’t turn off my thoughts!

They push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence- Glances at calendar and bites nails. Checks royalty payments and grabs a paper bag for deep breathing.

Um….so, yeah. I guess I am a Type A. And the truth is, I think I might really be hurting myself. Send thoughts and prayers as I try to sort some health things out which are no longer ignorable and maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn to take better care of myself. I’ll just have to schedule it in. 😉

Are you a Type A or Type B?

Truthful Tuesday-Breaks

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Sometimes I need a break.

I think I was in middle school the first time I took a “mental health day.” Back then, that involved going to work with my mom and helping her clean a house while I talked endlessly about all my tween angst problems. Have I mentioned I’m not looking forward to the teenage years with my daughter?

Somewhere in high school, these days turned into reading marathons and I’m still doing it. When I need a break from reality, I curl up with a good book. What I probably really need is sleep but let’s not get too crazy.


The other truth is, breaks always get me in trouble. I end up behind and stressed. What I need to do, now that I’m not at the mercy of teachers scheduling exams and projects, is just work in my own time for breaks daily or weekly. Then I won’t end up nearly drowning from overdue work and shouting “We were on a break!”


Do you take breaks?

Truthful Tuesday- I’m a glitzy mess

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I’m a girly-girl. 

You may have noticed I sell make up. I don’t wear it every day, but I admit to liking it. I like to look pretty and nice. It makes me feel confident and ready for the world.


The other truth is…

I’m a total slob.

Seriously, I have no in between. I either like to be all dolled up or I just don’t bother at all. I know girls who always wear mascara or lip gloss even if the rest of their face is bare and their hair is a wreck. Yeah…I don’t roll like that.

I guess I’ll call it a glitzy mess. 😀

So which are you? Put together? Au naturale? A healthy balance?

Truthful Tuesday- Winter

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I love winter. I love the cold weather. I love how it feels to breathe in cold air. I love how cthe snow makes everything look sparkling clean. Memories of snowball fights and sledding are among my favorite, even if I did break my tail bone while trying to glimpse at my 13-year-old crush. And the food! Soups, chilis, baked goods, coffee, hot chocolate. What’s not to love?

And then the other truth is, I HATE winter as a parent. Dragging kids around in arctic temperatures is awful. Worrying about their little hands and feet. Insisting on gloves and hats. YES your coat needs to be zipped. Taking half an hour to get bundled up to play in the snow just to come running back in freezing and unhappy 10 minutes later. Ugh. And then the hot chocolate. It’s too hot! Then it has to cool down, which defeats the purpose of using it warm them up. Soup? My kids only want it when it’s in *my* bowl. Chili? They shun anything that has more than one flavor at a time. Of course, they love corn bread and cookies.

But here’s the real evil.


Snow days.

When did something so wonderful and glorious turn into something that is a plague on my existence?

Growing up, I was always told to enjoy my childhood because adulthood had things like worries about bills. Well, I already worried about bills as a child but they should have told me snow days would be ruined. No longer are they days for enjoyment but rather for cursing the closing of many businesses, schools, and daycares for the children.

Don’t get me wrong, I want everyone to be safe but trying to entertain children inside who are bouncing off the walls with energy and convinced that outside is fun is a special brand of torture.

How do you feel about winter and snow days? Or do you live in an area without cold weather?