Truthful Tuesday- Naps

I don't like naps. Say whaaaaaa?????? I know, I know. It always sounds like a great idea but then I wake up grumpier than I was before. My brain is in a fog and I can't shake it off. On the other hand, I really, really, really want my kids to nap. Teddy hasn't napped … Continue reading Truthful Tuesday- Naps

Truthful Tuesday- I hit snooze

I don't know when this started. I used to wake up before the alarm. But now I hit snooze again, again,  and again. It's a real problem when I've got to get the kids together and out the door on my own! Is anyone else a snoozer? Wait, don't tell me yet. Just give me five … Continue reading Truthful Tuesday- I hit snooze

{Not so} Wordless Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've done a Wordless Wednesday and this one isn't. You guys! I've figured out this painting! Forget that it's supposed to be Ophelia from Hamlet. No, it's every busy woman who instead of wanting to start the day and have to get in the shower (or tub) wished there was some … Continue reading {Not so} Wordless Wednesday