Truthful Tuesday- Naps

finger on her lips. silence gesture

I don’t like naps.

Say whaaaaaa??????

I know, I know. It always sounds like a great idea but then I wake up grumpier than I was before. My brain is in a fog and I can’t shake it off.

On the other hand, I really, really, really want my kids to nap. Teddy hasn’t napped since he was two. He’s now six. So, that dream is never happening again. Annie hasn’t napped at home in almost a year, but she did occasionally nap at her last daycare. Her current morning program doesn’t include nap time. I try to enforce quiet time but she often wants me to lay down with her. Great, kid. As if you’re not glued to my side enough now I can’t get work done during the one time I thought for sure that I could. However, if I do lie down with her, I often fall asleep. And she still does not! And then I’m grumpy and she’s cranky from overtiredness and then we’re in even deeper waters than we would have been if I hadn’t tried to make her rest. It’s a vicious cycle!

So, what about you? Do you enjoy naps?

2 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday- Naps

  1. Well I won’t say that I enjoy them but I do take them. Not scheduled though – in fact I have fallen asleep sitting up knitting! And luckily I don’t seem to move and pull the stitches off the needles!
    This is probably because I tend to wake in the middle of the night and end up reading (or I’m so into a book that I’m reading all night 😞)


  2. I don’t take naps but I get a long night’s rest so really don’t need them. By the time my only son came along (third child) his older sisters didn’t need naps or only took one. So I told him he didn’t have to go to sleep but he had to lie down on the sofa and rest. Nine times out of 10 he then fell asleep. In my retirement I have become a night owl. I don’t go to be until 12:20 or 1 AM and then don’t get up until maybe 9:30 AM or so…with a bathroom trip in there at sometime.


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