Truthful Tuesday- I’m a glitzy mess

finger on her lips. silence gesture


I’m a girly-girl. 

You may have noticed I sell make up. I don’t wear it every day, but I admit to liking it. I like to look pretty and nice. It makes me feel confident and ready for the world.


The other truth is…

I’m a total slob.

Seriously, I have no in between. I either like to be all dolled up or I just don’t bother at all. I know girls who always wear mascara or lip gloss even if the rest of their face is bare and their hair is a wreck. Yeah…I don’t roll like that.

I guess I’ll call it a glitzy mess. 😀

So which are you? Put together? Au naturale? A healthy balance?

5 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday- I’m a glitzy mess

  1. I think I will unfortunately have to go with slob! 😥. I can’t wear much make up as I am allergic, especially my eyes (I think it stems back to the panda eyes I used to do in the sixties) now if I wear any eye make up they prickle and itch so I don’t bother. Still I don’t need to dress up to read and my family loves me so I will live with it 😁😁


  2. I think I am a healthy balance. I like to glam up on occasion. However, my lifestyle doesn’t require glamming up very often. I have tried hard over the years to take care of my skin and like to let it breath most of the time. I am on the neat, conservative side in my dress. So as I said, I think I am a healthy balance.


  3. Healthy balance. If I’m going out make-up is on. If doing nothing but cleaning, loading/unloading dishwasher, and wash, I’d have to go with slob on these days. When I worked, everyday was make-up day. Retired, who cares?


  4. When I was younger and working full time I wore at least blush every day but only wore foundation, eye shadow, etc when I was all dressed up. Now at my part time gig I simply dress nice and wear no make up at all. Honestly, I just hate the feeling of stuff on my face. I have allergies as well so it’s easier to do nothing. You will not, however EVER see me out and about in my pjs.


  5. Au natural – but when still working I wore makeup and did my hair at least 6 days a week….work and church on Sundays. Now, retired, I rarely bother with makeup although I do something with my hair if going out. I even go braless now most days – especially if I know I am not going out at all and in cold weather even then if I am not going to be taking off my coat.


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