Positivity Monday- Turn the Page

turn the page


I can’t remember if I’ve posted this before, but if I have it’s worth repeating. I’m finally down in North Carolina! We’ll be heading back up for Easter and to do a final therapy appointment for my son but otherwise no more back and forth for any of us! It’s such a relief. That being said, I could just turn the page and try to carry on life as before but I know from experience that doesn’t go well with a move. I’ve got to start a new book.

Well, I don’t mean literally. I’m still working on Lord Darcy’s Bluestocking Bride and Kissed by a Lord. And Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Joy. And..and…and.

No, I mean figuratively. I’m looking forward to doing things differently than I had before. I’d like to cut eating out and cook more. I plan to spend more time outside. I want to actually get ready each day instead of just throwing my hair up in a bun and slapping on clothes. Simply having more space already feels life changing! What are things you’d like to do differently about life?

One thought on “Positivity Monday- Turn the Page

  1. I am too much of a couch potato…not watching TV but reading…books, blogs, WIPs. Wish I was an exercise loving person but I have to push myself to get on my treadmill for 3×20-minutes a day!


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