Tuesday Trivia–Northanger Abbey

tuesday trivia

Halloween is in just a few days, so it seems fitting to make this Tuesday Trivia about the book in which Jane Austen satirized gothic novels. Let me know if you knew any of the factoids below about Northanger Abbey!

Northanger Abbey was published posthumously in 1817 in a two-volume set with Persuasion.

It was completed for publication in 1803, making it her first work that she attempted to publish.

Jane Austen was 28 when this work was originally completed.

It was originally titled Susan.


Although purchased for publication, it was never printed until after her death.

The publisher resold the book to Austen’s brother, Henry, in 1816 for the same price it was originally sold.

Austen made changes in 1816-1817, including renaming the heroine.

The working title during this time was Catherine.

The 1817 set with Persuasion was the first time any of her works bore Jane Austen’s name.

I had previously read and remembered these tidbits but I had forgotten that it was the first work bearing Jane Austen’s name. Was any of this new information to you?

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