Monday Mood– Book Hangover

I'm sure I've posted about this at some point in my years on the blog. I regularly have a book hangover. Now, I've never been drunk from alcohol so I'm not quite sure how it compares but there's always a bit of self-loathing and regret. However, I know I'm powerless to stop. Thursday evening, I … Continue reading Monday Mood– Book Hangover

Truthful Tuesday-Breaks

THE TRUTH IS... Sometimes I need a break. I think I was in middle school the first time I took a "mental health day." Back then, that involved going to work with my mom and helping her clean a house while I talked endlessly about all my tween angst problems. Have I mentioned I'm not … Continue reading Truthful Tuesday-Breaks

Positivity Monday- A Book to Make Monday Great

This post is late. It's that kind of day. But a book can turn it around. Maybe later I'll get to read. For now, writing. And that still makes it great. I need to just tune out the other things and make the words happen. What book is making your Monday great?

Question Tuesday- BYO__

I went years and years without drinking coffee. My mother didn't drink it growing up. In fact, I made it through college (and a few all-nighters for homework) and never became a steadier coffee drinker. When I did have a coffee type product it was usually instant cappuccino. Then came Motherhood. Sleepless nights and days. … Continue reading Question Tuesday- BYO__

Question Tuesday

I'm going to blog about Mansfield Park this weekend but I'm trying to get more active on the blog and interact with readers again with just little things every day. So, here's the question. What do you love about Jane Austen? Jane Austen is my superhero. I'm convinced she saved my life. I know a lot … Continue reading Question Tuesday