The Darcy Children

Before I begin posting Angelica, I wanted to give readers more of an insight into how the characters looked and some of their personality traits. Today, we will cover the Darcy family.

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Our Dear Couple in 1836: Aged 52 and 44


23 and just finished his masters at Cambridge. He is to take over management of one of the minor estates in Scotland or Ireland.


21 and just finished with his undergraduate degree at Cambridge. Malachi will not be continuing his studies just yet. He is undetermined about which career path he would like. He could run a smaller estate, or he might enter the army or the church….or maybe something else entirely unexpected for a younger son of a gentleman.

Angelica (on the right) and Seraphina (left).

Angie (18) is seen as the more classic beauty whereas Sera (16) has more of her mother’s coloring.


At 14, she is desperately wishing she could wear her sister’s gown downstairs for a ball!


Rafe or Rafie as she prefers, is 12 and a tomboy. I mostly just like how her hair looks like it’s blowing away and she doesn’t really care. I imagine she swiped the fur stole from Angie or Sera in an attempt to look more put together or, more likely, to conceal a tear or stain. Also, she hates everything about this outfit and the ridiculous sleeves. The bracelets restrict her arms, but at least all the fabric is constrained.


Looking so sweet and innocent. Bless her, she really is. She is 10 years old going on 40, with a wise, old heart.


Don’t let the angelic face fool you! He is 6 years old and determined to act as much like a man as he can.

I will introduce more of the characters over the next few posts and begin posting the story in early February.

Who are you most looking forward to learning more about?

15 thoughts on “The Darcy Children

    1. He’s so cute and has a wide leash! I plan on doing Angelica and Seraphina before the older boys’ books. I might do Ariel too. I don’t see the Darcy boys in a hurry to settle down and their parents won’t be pressuring them.


    1. I don’t think any of them are too full of one parent or relative. I’ve tried very hard to let them be a natural mix and I think letting them brew in my head for so many years helped. The series IS “impertinent daughters” so none of them are “perfect” and with that many children, I think there’s bound to be some lapses somewhere, despite hired help. No one will chase after officers and elope, though. 🙂 But some need to learn to curb their natures.


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