Darcy & Lizzy’s Other Relatives

Before I begin posting Angelica, I wanted to give readers more of an insight into how the characters looked and some of their personality traits. Today, we will cover Darcy and Lizzy’s other relations.

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Julian & Georgiana Cavendish

Julian is a cousin to the dukes of Devonshire.

Ambrose, 17

Felicity, 15

Philip & Mary Edwards

Philip is the curate at Lambton and Kympton

Adam, 20

Martha, 18

Paul & Agnes

They’re in need of an updated portrait. They’re 13 and 12 now!

Jeremiah & Kitty Johnson

Jeremiah was Mr. Philips’ clerk and has since bought the business in Meryton

Selina, 16


Leonard is currently 12 years old and needs an updated portrait!

Lydia Matthews

Married an elderly, but rich, officer after Wickham died shortly after their wedding. Her daughters are from her marriage with Major Matthews.

Arabella, 17

Rosalind, 15

Augustus & Caroline Hervey

Augustus Hervey is related to the earl of Bristol. He is a gentleman worth 8,000 pounds a year.

Gus, 23

Olivia, 21

Louisa Hurst

Mr. Hurst died a dozen or so years ago.

Lavinia, 23

Sidney, 18

William & Charlotte Collins

Before inherinting Longbourn, Collins was also given the position of rector at Lambton. As such, Charlotte lived near Elizabeth for many years and their children are good friends.

Rachel, 24

Rebecca, 22

David, 20

Sir Percival & Anne de Bourgh

Anne married Percival de Bourgh, a cousin whose father had inherited the baronetcy upon Sir Lewis’ death. Percival is now the baronet.

Percy, 22

Cathy, 18

Cornelia, 14

Richard & Tabitha Fielding Fitzwilliam

Tabitha was the widow of a wealthy baron.

Diana, 19

Matilda, 17

Jemima, 12

James and Priscilla Gordon Fitzwilliam

Priscilla was the daughter of a duke, James is now Lord Fitzwilliam.

Robert, 25

Jonathan, 21

Barbara, 17

Gabriel and Eleanor Gardiner

Gabriel now runs the Gardiner business in London. They have one daughter, Emma.

Maggie Gardiner and Nathan Lucas

Nathan is a younger son of Sir William Lucas. Their children are Abigail, Benjamin and Edward.

Anna Gardiner and Henry Miller

Henry is the son of a wealthy London tradesman. Their children are Helen, Isaac, and Daniel.

Michael Gardiner

Currently 28 and unmarried

Margaret Gardiner

Mrs. Gardiner is as wise and good-natured as ever! Now, a proud grandmother to seven. She wishes that Michael would settle down and marry!

Mrs. Annesley

Now governess to the Darcy children.

Mr. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, and Mr. Gardiner have all passed away since the events of The Gentleman’s Impertinent Daughter. Mrs. Bennet died first, but she lived long enough to see all of her daughters wed and most of her grandchildren born. Mr. Bennet allowed Collins to move into Longbourn after his wife died. After a year or two of haphazard training, Bennet decided to take up his daughter and son-in-law’s offer to stay at Pemberley. He died after Christiane Darcy was born. Mr. Gardiner was the most recent family member to pass away, just before Tommy Darcy was born.

Mr. Philips has retired from his law practice and still lives in Meryton where he claims Mrs. Philips may nag him to death at any moment. Sir William Lucas spends much of his time at Longbourn, he says to advise Collins, but really it is arranged by his wife. After all, Charlotte got the idea from somewhere. He still attends most balls, but no longer dances. Lady Lucas continues to worry about her youngest children who remain at home and do not seem to have an interest in marriage or moving out. Luckily, Maria married an officer friend of Lydia’s husband. Lady Lucas has begrudgingly had to admit that Mrs. Bennet’s daughters were quite adept at finding husbands.

Lady Catherine died many years ago, allowing her daughter to run Rosings as she pleased and marry where she wished. Anne’s marriage to Percival de Bourgh was no love match, but a shrewd arrangement and they have been content nonetheless.

Is there anyone you are most interested in learning more about?

15 thoughts on “Darcy & Lizzy’s Other Relatives

    1. No worries! I’m making these posts as a resource for the entire series. Each book has a minimal cast of characters. I do introduce all of the Darcy children, very briefly, in the first book. After that, I get to traditional Romance format and have as many hero and heroine scenes as possible. Traditionally, the hero will have one male friend that will be of help to him, and the heroine will have one as well. Darcy and Elizabeth will be taking over that role. The tertiary characters remain in the background and they will change per book as needed. Angelica has a closer relationship with her older brothers than her next sister has, for example. In the end, it’s less people than the original P&P has!


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