The Bingleys

Before I begin posting Angelica, I wanted to give readers more of an insight into how the characters looked and some of their personality traits. Today, we will cover the Bingley family.

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Charles & Jane Bingley


At the beginning of Angelica, she’s 23 and recently engaged.


21 and follows Malachi in things, whether or not he should.


18, best friends with Angelica, and has just made her debut.


16 and ready to be a man! Or, so he thinks.


14, shyer than her Darcy cousins and would prefer to live in her sisters’ shadows. She is not eager to grow up.

Bennet, Francis, Hugh, & Walter

Jane and Bingley need a new portrait of the younger boys done! This one is a few years old now. Ben is 12, Frank 10, Hugh 8 and Walter is 6.

Did you know until boys reached a certain age (around 6), they wore long gowns and had long hair, very much like girls?

16 thoughts on “The Bingleys

    1. The Bingleys have 9 kids and the Darcys have 8. I’ll keep looking for portraits of the correct ages, but went with what I could find at the time. I only have 2 and have to say that there’s far fewer pictures of the younger one! I’m impressed the Bingleys have managed to update the older ones.


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